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A fast-paced guide to designing and building scalable and maintainable web apps with React.js for beginners.

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Now available in Italian language: Realizzare applicazioni web con interfacce utente scalabili e performanti รจ una sfida che gli sviluppatori affrontano da un decennio.

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โ€œI've read a couple of React books now and have found yours by far and away the most useful as it helped to teach the concepts around it not just the syntax.โ€ GitHub user @ayebide

We have a GitHub repository dedicated to supporing our fellow readers, finding bugs and suggesting improvements!

We have a Facebook group for friendly discussions around the book, React.js and Flux!

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Learn core principles and ideas, not only syntax

  • Chapter 1

    Installing Powerful Tools for Your Project

  • Chapter 2

    Create Your First React Element

  • Chapter 3

    Create Your First React Component

  • Chapter 4

    Make Your React Components Reactive

  • Chapter 5

    Use Your React Components with Another Library

  • Chapter 6

    Update Your React Components

  • Chapter 7

    Build Complex React Components

  • Chapter 8

    Test Your React Application with Jest

  • Chapter 9

    Supercharge Your React Architecture with Flux

  • Chapter 10

    Prepare Your React Application for Painless Maintenance with Flux

We'll build a fully-functional React.js application called Snapterest - a web application that allows you to discover and collect public mobile photos posted on Twitter.

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Written by a passionate front end instructor and experienced web developer

Meet Artemij Fedosejev - tech startup adviser and front end instructor.

Artemij is building web products since the early 2000s. He earned his BSc in Computer Science from University College Cork, Ireland.

Artemij helped to grow a number of tech start-ups in London, UK and worked with JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, and other modern web technologies.

Artemij took leadership in creating front end for a couple of web applications in the public health space at Imperial College London. He played a key role in creating front end architecture using React.js and Flux for and

Artemij created a number of open source projects such as Snapkite Engine, Snapkite Stream Client, and others.

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